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Forms of cyberbullying focused on teachers have undergone changes in recent years, cyberbullying is not only linked with social networks, blogs or common Internet services, but attackers have been increasingly starting to use simple services especially popular among the young generation, such as server services www.ask.fm.


Principle of www.ask.fm service is very simple - you create an Internet profile, within which users can write questions that you answer - primitive, among the young generation, very popular service. Unfortunately, there are more and more cases in which the students set up a fake profile of teachers, ask him/her questions and answer them falsely.

These days online counselling centre of our project noted several cases in which pupils set up a fictitious profile of an unpopular teacher, add his/her photograph to the profile and actively entertain at his expense. Reasons, why students choose teachers, may be trivial: a style of dressing, bad school results or perhaps just a fact that the teacher sweats too much.

To the kind reader could do about cyberbullying implemented in the server environment ASK idea, I have attached some examples of current case divided into logical units (the authors of posts guarantee the linguistic accuracy):

1. Verbal violence directed at teachers (direct insults)

You got great bacon and no swag. You smell like a fish that haven’t had a bath for a week Yeah, it's true, you fanny.

Ur such a cunt.

Why do u have fat cheeks?

You cunt, everyone knows you stink! And I asked, why you are sweating, so don’t talk shit all the time.

2. Verbal violence directed at teachers (a combination of questions and answers)

What in life do you weigh the most?

My office, it gives me a shelter from the morals of today's world.

Do you comb that beaver under your arms?

Yes, I love nature...

Have you got a husband?

I don’t have a husband, but I can have one, I have a lots of men’s attention. I can choose who I want…

Go through your conscience

My conscience is clean, well-educated woman, decent, clever, cunt, pupils have respect for me :) ---

I winnnnnnnnn! :* But first of all I’m gunna fuck ur ass :))

And what about blow job? I want to lick your slice-looking lips…

With pleasure :))) and will be the slice-looking lips with mashed potatoes? Otherwise I don’t take it: ((

Yeah, with salad, and oil and everything.

The cunt has repeated the same thing for four years, dude: DDDDDDDDD


This is fucking true :)

Honey, come on, let’s get it on! :*

I can have sex, I like it hard, but it is purely intimate personal matter …

I'm happy: D Don’t you know who I am? :D I’d be off my nut if you said it!

Who are you?? :D

She’s gonna read it?

Who is she? I am me ... myself and I'm a star.

Do ya shave your ass??

Jerk like you won’t offend me, I'm pure, but naturallll.

Suuuuuuuuuuuure: D: D Which guy set this up? By the way, I applaud … This is the place for people who hate her, they can vent their anger on her here.

Wait until she reads it, she’ll get pissed off, BY SWEATY.

I don’t understand how a person like u could not finish kindergarten and later even the university… Where’s the world goin´?

I'll tell you how: I was born in a relatively solid family, my parents were well educated, so it’s clear I take after them, I was always taught to follow my goal, I decided to be a  teacher, I have studied a lot of schools, I have met a lot of people of different nature, characteristics, but for the 50 years that I have lived here I have not seen such a generation like you, you do not know how to behave, you use foul language, you have no respect to old educated people, you try to be successful and show off, but you have to know one thing: for every swine there's a butcher, and I win. Have been teaching at our school for a long time, but what some children dare, it has no limits ... everyone tries to get the best grades, but I don’t understand those who go and write at my cabinet door SCHOOL DEMENTIA METHODIST SWEATY, or give me flowers in front of the door, you should realize that I am a person of Greek origin. And as for my personal and intimate life, it’s none of your business, but can I fuck with you? I'm the best, I never make mistakes, I am the perfect woman, I have a perfect figure, I have good tits and lips like two slices, I'm the best and you are losers. With regards::: I winnnnn ... PS: I'm not so rich to buy cheap stuff, and I don’t understand one thing.... Youth. Sweaty and hairy…

I would say it to her face… But it’s not worth getting B in behaviour: D Maybe at the end of the year: D

Hey, you're a wimp, learn from a legend: D

So yeah … It is not you, I'll tell you … You're smelly pussy, which doesn’t take a shower … HAS NO razor … spitting at people and do not even know … You smell … You don’t even know about tampons – we know that after a couple of incidents :D :D :D You suck … you cannot talk … And give me the fucking A in Civics, or next time I kick ur face!

Comenius pupils? It's awful, I'll deal with it tomorrow, I won’t let it be. Nerd does not offend me.

And why did you set up ASK? : DDD it is for young people, not for people over 50: DDD

I'm still young...

Shave yourslef, please, thanx. We can’t stand seeing it in lessons'..! and please try to use perfume .. u stink as an old goat.

I don’t have to.

Do you ever have a wash?

What kind of stupid question? I keep hygiene every day, I love when a man is hairy and smells like nature...

Could you live without a computer?

Yes, today's time doesn’t offer only computers. For life, there are more important things, today's kids just sit at the computer instead of visiting the theatre, fair, or going to the markets, they eat various inappropriate things like hamburgers and other tasteless things of McDonald’s instead of eating healthy food, fruit (tangerine). ..



The records stated above come from only one case and represent approximately 10% of all records that are related to the fake teacher´s profile. Most records come from 14 and 15 year old pupils.

Server ASK. fm is physically located in Lithuania, it is translated into a number of languages, including Czech, so it is easily available and accessible to Czech users. The response time for reporting objectionable content is about 3 days. In cooperation with the runner of the service we managed to delete the objectionable content and to block and cancel the fake profile.

Kamil Kopecký, Ph.D., Centre PRVoK / E-Bezpečí



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