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Olomouc (6 February 2017) - The Centre for Prevention of Risky Virtual Communication at Palacký University Olomouc investigated the popular computer game Minecraft and its influence in the child population. In the Czech environment, the research called The Minecraft Phenomenon took place in cooperation with Google and Vodafone. More than 2,300 active, mostly child players from all regions of the Czech Republic, participated.

Olomouc (June 14, 2016) - Totally 21,73% of Czech teachers has become the victims of cyber attacks. This was confirmed by the National Cyberbullying Research of Czech teachers, where more than 5100 primary and secondary school teachers from all regions of the Czech Republic were involved. Cyber ​​attacks on teachers usually take place on social networks. Other "attacking" tools include cell phones, email, chat, and public websites. The research has been carried out by the Centre for the Prevention of Risky Virtual Communication, Pedagogical Faculty of UP in collaboration with O2 Czech Republic and Seznam.cz.

Olomouc (July 15, 2014) – The largest survey to date on the risk behaviour of Czech teenagers on the Internet has been conducted by Palacký University in Olomouc. The survey was completed by 28,000 teenagers. Altogether, 40 percent of them would respond affirmatively to a request for meeting in person. The survey findings will be practically applied by Palacký University experts: they will employ them to further educate teens as well as adults. The survey research was conducted by the Centre for the prevention of risky virtual communication at Palacký University in collaboration with their partners – the companies Seznam.cz and Google.

E-Bezpečí Annual Report for year 2013 is ready for download.

mini_fblogoFake friends´ requests for help regarding restoration of fictive blocked service present a new kind of fraud that can be recently found on internet, Facebook at the first place. However, instead of unblocking of the blocked account you allow the offender to confirm transaction at your mobile operator. And how the whole fraud works?


mini_priznaniPhenomenon of internet confessions set the waves of Czech internet in motion and let us taste freedom of anonymous expression. However, the freedom also brought bitter cruelty of offending, taunting and defamation of particular individuals – mainly teachers. Today´s article will give you a taste of inexhaustible number of cases that are regularly being sent to our advisory centre on the subject of Confessions.


A few days ago an article called “Czech children are threatened by the network cyberbullying and pornography” appeared at iDNES. In the article the experts give their opinion on the issue of risky behaviour of children in cyberspace. What struck me most, however, is a quote from NCBI Lenka Eckert, who commented on the issue of watching pornography by children. Unfortunately, the text showed that she does not evaluate this activity negatively, but she sees pornography as "something that is good ... and what can be perceived as education." Although the quote – according to her, is distorted and taken out of context of the whole interview, it incited me to write at least a short comment.


Extortion of children on the Internet has become taboo matter to a certain extent. On the one hand, it is because of the nature of the materials that are used for extortion, on the other hand there is an effort to conceal the individual cases in order to do no harm to victims, conceal a particular problem, hush up the case and try to solve it on its own.


In recent years, in connection with a massive expansion of the number of fake profiles on social networks environment, the need to look for methods that allow you to distinguish the fake from the real information has been increasing. One of the methods to identify false photo from the "modified one" or even "fake one" is the use of EXIF metadata specification.



Cyber bullying is in today´s society perceived as a topic associated with pubescent and adolescent young people, only minimum of discussed cases are adults. Although cyber bullying of adults really exists, it is only little discussed and employers try to cover up these cases, in order not to discredit the institution where these cases take place.



Very dangerous phenomenon, which we have seen in the last few months on Czech and international social networks and within common communication tools based on instant messengers (ICQ, Skype) are fake videos that are projected to chosen victims (children or adults) instead of real stream from a webcam. The risk of misuse of this technology is really high due to the low awareness. You can judge the way the records are believable.




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